Never too early to think SPRING!

wintertechoblocpatiodisplayWinter time in the landscape and hardscape business is a time to catch up on all the little tasks you were too busy for in previous months.  Servicing, maintaining and even replacing equipment, lining up jobs for spring and optimizing our web presence.

While everyone on the east coast is feeling the single digit temperatures, you see the gloom of winter.  Like Clark Griswold staring out his window envisioning the new pool he’ll install with his Christmas bonus, we hope you’re doing the same….thinking about what that patio you’ve been considering will look like in the warmer months.  Swan Creek Landscaping can make your day-dreams a reality!  Now is the perfect time to get the wheels cranking.  Call us today and we’ll set up a free consultation.  Spring and summer will be here before we all know it!  Lets just hope you don’t have a Cousin Eddie to hang out around your pool in a Speedo.