10 Plants that thrive in the winter

The coldest winter day can turn warm and inviting with perennial plants and trees that bloom, and have color or unique characteristics in the winter months. They can stick their heads thru the snow and from behind the dormant plants in your yard beds and gardens. It is not just luck that they live; they thrive in the cold and add color and a warm unique appearance. If your desire is to have a garden/landscape that looks great and will be noticed in all seasons of the year, remember this listing of plants. By adding these and other plantings to your landscape, your winter months will continue the beauty and unique character of your landscape.

1. Winter Berry is holly’s nephew.  They lose their leaves and what remains are their vibrant red berries. Expect a “thank you” from the birds as they gather to eat.

2. Firethorn is attractive all year long, with white flowers in the spring and green leaves the rest of the year. They also have attractive orange or yellow berries.

3. Corkscrew Hazel has flowers in the spring. Once the leaves are gone in the fall, twisted braches that wind around will add dimension to your yard.

4. Red Twig Dogwood with its red stems gives great accent color in your garden year round. The red vibrant color is regulated by the amount of sun it receives.

5. Camellia is the most popular evergreen of all winter plants, with a bright rose colored flower. It should be planted where it can get the most sun.

6. Holly is known as the “winter green” of which there are some 400 varieties. Sizes can vary from a little bush to 40’ foot trees with bright red berries.

7. Heather blooms all year long and has flowers during the summer and fall. In the winter, the thick foliage makes a unique contrast to the other plants in the garden.

8. Hellebore comes in many varieties. The flowers are cupped shape coming in colors that you choose to add colors to your garden. It likes a full-shade area.

9. The Paper Birch tree has colorful yellow leaves in the fall, but when winter really hits, the white bark stands out as a contrast to evergreens in your yard.

10. Paperbark Maple tree has a unique copper color and pealing bark that is attractive to the eye, both on the tree and on the ground. The green leaves turn into a cinnamon color in the fall. This plant grows best in partial sunlight.

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