5 – Landscaping tips for a March clean-up

IMG_0220Are you ready for spring?  At Swan Creek Landscaping we are ready, really ready!  We have completed maintenance on all of our equipment over the winter and now it is time to start getting our clients’ yards in shape for the summer.  Often times we are asked, “What do I need to do to get my yard in top shape for the summer and the start of ‘living outdoors’ again?”  Here are some quick tips for cleaning up your yard and your plantings:

1. First, do some pruning of the damaged and dead branches of your trees, shrubs, bushes and other perennial plants.  Using pruning clippers and a small yard hand saw, trim away the plants damaged parts and even some of the “overgrowth” to allow for the plant to breath and gather additional sun light.

2. Carefully clean up around the plants by raking out the leaves and dead foliage; often times this requires reaching in with your hands (don’t forget the gloves) and carefully remove the debris.

3. If you are planning on planting some spring bulbs, now is the time to spread some fertilizer, but read the label on the back of the package to ensure you do not over fertilize; sometimes this can do more harm than good.

4. Check to see if you have areas of damage to your lawn.  Grass does not start growing as early as some of your plants and bulbs. You might want to take a soil sample to check the pH and mineral levels, which will tell you if you need to add minerals and/or fertilizer to the damaged areas.  Most lawn and garden stores have an inexpensive pH test kit.

5. Now is the time to spray off or at least brush off and clean up your hardscape surfaces. Because you may have used salt, calcium, or other preventive slip-free minerals on walkways, sidewalks, and patio, you need to clean them. If the conditions are right, power washing the surfaces might bring the surfaces back to a “like new” look.

Take time to do some March clean-up. You will be amazed at how your landscape looks when spring really arrives.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. helps home owners and businesses in Cecil and Harford Counties with their Hardscape and Landscape clean ups to ensure our client’s truly get that head-start on creating the curb appeal they are looking for and expect.  From design, to construction, to maintaining your property year round, we will provide you with a landscaping experience that will exceed your expectations.  When considering your Landscaping, Hardscape or Spring Maintenance needs, please give us a call for a free consultation on how we can turn your visions into an outdoor living experience that you and your family will appreciate.
Phone – 410.378.8668
Website:  http://www.SwanCreekLandscaping.com


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