10 – Easy steps to change your curb appeal

image_4Check out the home décor books, look over the garden magazines, and watch HGTV to learn about the many ways to change the look of your house and make it more appealing from the curb.  Many projects are expensive and can involve major time commitments and construction expertise to pull off, and you have limited resources. Adding curb appeal does not have to be expensive nor a major project.

Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to bring a new look to your home and landscape while adhering to a reasonable budget and time allotment:

1. Shutters can make the biggest difference in the appearance of your house.  Adding new ones or painting the old ones a new color is easy and inexpensive.
2. Lighting is a really inexpensive way to make a major change to your home.  Well placed, low voltage lighting is easy to install along with being a fun project.
3. White Picket Fencing is a project you can do with only a few hours of work.  You don’t need to fence the whole yard; fence just across the front walk or across your beds.
4. Front Door of any house is the focal point. If you have a great one, change the color.  If you need a new one, buy one that jumps out at you, that will be noticed.
5. Vines that grow on the walls of your house, on the corner of your garage, or up and over your pergola will not only add color but lots of curb and eye appeal.
6. Window Boxes will add new life to the front of your house.  Make your own or buy them from the garden center and install yourself. They look great!
7. Tree additions can make a big appearance difference.  A reasonably-sized tree placed on the corner of your house can change the look of your property quickly.
8. Mail Boxes can be an eye sore or a thing of beauty.  New ones are fully assembled, quick to install, and add a new dimension to the front of your house.
9. Accessories are another quick, easy, and within your budget way to make your house sparkle.  Think brass door knockers, door handles, door bells, and coach lights.
10. Walkways can dull, crack, or need a face lift over time.  A new brick or stone side walk can really change the look of a house.  Work with your landscaper on size, timing of the project, and materials.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. helps home owners and businesses in Cecil and Harford Counties look at new, economical ideas for a spring spruce up of your home while enhancing your curb appeal. From design, to construction, to maintaining your property year round, we will provide you with a landscaping experience that will exceed your expectations.  When considering your Landscape, Hardscape or Lawn Maintenance needs, please give us a call for a free consultation on how we can turn your visions and our experience into an outdoor living experience you and your family will appreciate.

Phone – 410.378.8668                                                                                          Website: http://www.SwanCreekLandscaping.com



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