Hints to preventing lawn fungus…..

All lawns have their ups and downs, just like their owners. For part of the year your lawn can look just great but all at once have a fungus. Why? Who knows! But there are some steps you can take to help prevent fungus.

1.  Recognize that your lawn has a fungus
Fungus comes in many different colors: Red, Gray, and Pink. If you notice these colors coming into your lawn, sure enough you have a fungus. How the fungus acts and develops can depend on your soil, the type of grass you have, the weather conditions and your own lawn care habits.
2.  What can you do to prevent fungus?
You can take some preventive steps by using a fertilizer that contains a systemic fungicide that is absorbed into the grass. For best results, spread the fertilizer in the spring and also in the fall.
3.  Nitrogen can feed your fungus
Too much nitrogen applied to your grass and plants can be an aid to a good dose of fungus. Know how much fertilizer you are putting down. Read the bag for the content information: 12 – 12 – 12 means you are putting down 12% Nitrogen, 12% Phosphorous and 12% Potassium. Talk to your garden center for more information. You might also want to take a soil sample to and have it tested to help you and the nursery to understand your fertilizer needs.
4.  Water at the right time of day
Water your lawn in the morning to ensure some evaporation. When you water at night, there is very little evaporation, thus aiding the start of both fungus and mold
5.  Yard maintenance counts
Periodic year maintenance is key to a good-looking landscape and yard. Some tips include:
• Pick-up of the leaves, sticks and other debris from the yard
• Prune your shrubs, plants, and trees allowing for new growth                 and to let the sunlight in
• Keep the blades of your mower and pruning equipment sharp
• Yard aeration on an annual basis to loosen up the soil and allow            it to breath
• Develop a lawn feed-and-watering schedule to ensure a healthy          root system

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