Summer Watering Practices – Plants, Flowers, and Bushes

You have invested in a new Landscape that you helped design and the last thing you need is to have your plants wilt and die.  We trust that your landscaper has taken into account your soil type, the hours your plants are in the sun-light, shading issues from the house and other plants, and has provided a selection of seasonal plants that will give you year round pleasure.

Swan Creek takes great pride in providing our client’s with eye pleasing year round landscapes along with a watering program to keep them healthy that is custom designed to your particular landscape.

Summer Watering Practices – Keeping your plants safely watered is just a little bit tricky when considering all of the events you have to take into consideration around the state of Maryland.

The Weather Issue? – Key to watering your plants is to check daily the weather forecast, the related rain fall predictions, daytime and nighttime temperatures and to make sure that the forecast happened as predicted.  Watering the night before a heavy rain might cause an over watering condition which can be as bad as under watering.  Temperatures also play a key role in your watering program.  If the temperatures are in the 70’s watering once a week might be fine.  If the temperatures are in the 80’s watering twice a week might be best.  And, if the temperatures are in the 90’s you might want to be watering every other day.  If there is any questions about the need to water it is always best to check the ground around the plants neck and foliage area for moisture content.  If dry – water! If wet – wait a while!  Another tip: pay attention to the long-range forecast and make note of upcoming weather conditions on your calendar or I-Phone.

The How Much Issue? – Most gardening experts, and Swan Creek Landscaping, suggest that for plants to be healthy and growing they need to have the soil moist down about 1/2”. As with other watering issues check around the plants with your fingers…do they need water?

The When Issue? – The best time to water your plants and your yard is in the early to mid-morning hours.  This allows the plants to “quench their thirst” during the peak temperatures of the day and also allows the plants to breath which will discourage humid soil round the plants that could cause mold and mildew issues from too much watering.

The Application Issue? – Do not open up the spray nozzle and beat your plants to death with too much pressure and way too much water.  Be kind and gentle with the watering by softly and evenly spreading the water around the base of the plant. Try to avoid watering down the leaves of the plants which could cause the plants to take on a disease or mold.  Having a long-handled sprinkler nozzle that you can reach into and around the base of the plant is best.  The use of a watering system, trickle system or soaker hoses really can be the best investment you make for keeping your landscape, plants, flowers and lawn in beautiful shape.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. helps homeowners and businesses in Cecil and Harford Counties with all of their Landscape needs, including watering tips to keep you landscape looking great.  From design, to construction, to maintaining your property year round, we will provide you with a landscaping experience that will exceed your expectations.  When considering your landscape, hardscape (patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and outdoor living spaces) or lawn maintenance needs, please give us a call for a free consultation on how we can turn your visions and our experience into an outdoor living experience you and your family will enjoy and appreciate.

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