Maryland Landscaping Tips: Outdoor Lighting

In the early spring, late fall, and late night summer evenings you want to spend your time in your outdoor living space.  Fortunately, there is Outdoor Lighting that can extend the fun and relaxation time you want to enjoy with your family and friends.  But, do you have Outdoor Lighting or does your Outdoor Lighting need to be upgraded with colors, high intensity LED’s, and a low voltage regulated systems.  Swan Creek Landscaping, the leader in outdoor living spaces, has some tips for you that will help ensure you are getting the most out of your Outdoor Lighting.

What do I need to do to get the most out of my Outdoor Lighting? IMG_3595
Creating unique Outdoor Lighting systems, or as some call it “lightscaping”, takes some special skills and can be a little trickier than just placing some lights around.  Because of the nature of the new lighting systems you can have a lot of flexibility and a lot more leeway to experiment with what lights work best for you and your landscape.  Swan Creek suggest a few things be taken into consideration:
• Lighting your walkways for safety and beauty.  Invest a little time and energy into lighting your walkways to bring out the beauty of the spaces, while ensuring everyone can clearly navigate their way into your house.  Done right, you can highlight the beauty of your landscape design and your curb appeal.
• Layering lights can change the look of your landscape.  The use of layered lighting can bring out the beauty of the architectural design of your house, landscape and outdoor living space.  The use of several different types of lights will highlight many different elements of your landscape.  The use of LED lights, multiple colors, and spot lights with some directed up and some directed down and some at angles can change the entire appearance of your house and landscape.  Thus, enhancing the beauty of your entire property and really making it pop.
• If a little is good, a lot is better, is not really true for outdoor lighting.  You do not want to turn you yard into a “landing zone” for helicopters.  The lighting will need to be balanced across the yard, IMG_3826through the trees, up the walkways, and around the patio and house that will create a unique field of light that highlights your total living property.

Following these few tips can make a giant difference when creating your beautiful “nightscape” that will allow you to enjoy more hours in your Maryland outdoor living space.  And, you will not be spending a fortune because they will be energy efficient low-voltage LED lights that will last for years to come.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. prides itself in providing uniquely designed lighting systems for our Cecil and Harford County clients’. From design, thru construction, till the dark of night turns on the lighting system, we provide distinctive outdoor living spaces that we can also maintain year round, including your yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, landscape, patios and gardens.  Pick-up the phone and call us to learn more about how we can change the look of your property with a lighting system that will change your life…for the good!

Phone – 410.378.8668


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