Pest control for your yard and garden will enhance productivity…..

If you are like most people who have gardens you spend a lot of time deciding what to plant, when to plant, how to plant and how to maintain you’re a valuable source of vegetables for our family. One morning you walk out and find that numerous pests have invaded your garden and turned it into a smorgasbord of fine dining for them and their friends.

Below are a few tips that address the most common garden pests from destroying your garden.

1.  Ground Hogs, Squirrels, Rabbits & Moles – As you might expect the best way to keep them away from the garden is to instill a fence. The fence should be high enough so they cannot come over the top and inserted into the ground enough to present them from digging under.  We would recommend a fence that is at least 2 foot tall with about 6” inches placed in the ground.  The placement of short metal posts can be spread apart about 3’ to 4’ feet and the use of Cable Ties makes it easy to assemble and to tear down.

You will find in the Garden Store several different kinds of powders and pellets that suggest the ward-off pests of different varies.  Some work and some just make you feel good about addressing the pest problem.  Everyone has their remedy and one we have used with some positive results is spreading cayenne pepper around the outside perimeter of the garden.  The smell seems to discourage pest from visiting your garden and to encourage them find somewhere else to look for food.  The pepper will not hurt or damage your plants.

2.  Deer pose a different kind of deterrent – Fencing would have to be tall to discourage these pests. There are also powders and pellets at the Garden Center that seem effective.  One of the powders is called “Blood Power” and it does seem to ward-off deer.  Another solution that some use is hanging net bags of pet or other animal hair.  Check with your garden center for more information.

3.  Birds…All of the Birds – There are several things you can do to keep birds away from your garden.  One is to place aluminum pie plates around the garden which hang by string off of metal fence posts. This makes noise with the wind which creates a loud enough sound as to scare them.

Another effective idea is to place a Bird Feeder in your yard that is close enough for them to see and visit and far enough away from the garden that do not want to visit.

4.  Insects…thousands of Insects – It might be surprising, but the most effective way to address insects is to have healthy soil that is cultivated and active.  Good soil will keep your plants strong and healthy which will ward-off insect attacks along with some other infections and molds.

If you continue to have insect problems you might want to mix up a diluted mixture of mild dish washing soap and water to spray around the plants. The mixture will kill most inspects and will prevent other garden pests without effecting or harming your plants.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. prides itself in providing gardening ideas and options for our Cecil and Harford County clients’.  Our Maintenance Group will create a unique outdoor gardening experience that will provide productive vegetables for you and your neighbors.  In addition, our Service Group performs yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, landscaping, patios, pruning and retaining walls.  Pick-up the phone and call us to learn how Swan Creek can change the look of your property with landscaping  solutions that will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Phone – 410.378.8668

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