Why and when to dethatch and aerate your lawn…..

Often times we hear of trends, ideas and concepts that seem to catch on and everyone jumps on band wagon with the very best intent. This is also true when you talk to “green-thumbs” about Dethatching and Aerating your lawn. Some say leave it to Mother Nature and others say let’s take charge of the yard and enhance her efforts.

AeratorFirst things first, what is Dethatching and Soil Compaction:
•     Thatch is a dense, intertwined mat of living and dead grass materials that accumulate on your yards ground surface.  This is caused when the grass is growing faster than the clippings and debris                                                                                   can decompose
•     Soil compaction is normally in the first 3” or 4” inches which is caused by the settling of the soil from people walking on it and from mowing.  In Maryland it is also caused by the freezing and thawing of the soil during the winter and spring months

Why is it important to dethatch and aerate?
•      The accumulated thatch in some yards serves to restrict the oxygen levels in the soil.  All plants require oxygen and you grass is no exception.  Thatch makes it tough for the oxygen to enter the stems and root system
•      If your yard has compacted soil you are inviting pests to breed in your lawn, which will cause major maintenance issues going forward
•      When you dethatch and aerate your lawn you disturb and shake-up the soil, thus stimulating root growth because the oxygen, nutrients and water can now reach root area of the grasses.  This will cause the lawn to become more dense causing water runoff to be hindered

How do you Dethatch?
•      In the late spring or early fall you want to mow your grass to a low height
•      Select a power dethatcher (from most rental stores) or a hand thatching rake with large cutting blades and go about lifting up the dead under mat to the top of the grass surface
•      Thatch the yard using an even pattern to ensure coverage. If you have a sprinkler system mark the heads and lines so you don’t destroy them when thatching
•      Gather the clipping and add to your compost pile or dispose of them if needed
•      Water the lawn and you are done!

How do you Aerate?
Aeration Equipment•      For Maryland grasses early fall is the best time when the soil is moist and the ground soft
•      Select a power aeration machine – most rental stores have one
•      Aerate the yard using a specific back and forth pattern to ensure an even aeration. If you have a sprinkler system mark the heads and lines so you don’t destroy them during aeration

Dethatching and Aeration of the soils is a labor intensive job that can sometimes be a little difficult.  Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. provides these services to our Cecil and Harford County clients’. Our Maintenance Group will inspect your yard to determine the need and then schedule a time when the soil is just right to dethatch and/or aerate.  In addition, our Maintenance Service Group performs yard maintenance of all types including: mowing, plantings, pruning, landscaping, and spring/fall clean-ups on a contract basis.  Please pick-up the phone and call us to learn how Swan Creek can change the look of your property with yard maintenance that will enhance the appearance of your home along with the value.

Phone – 410.378.8668
Website: http://www.SwanCreekLandscaping.com


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