Striping – Do you want to have a professional striping look?

Often times we are asked how do the golf courses and major league baseball teams create that unique clean striping effect that catches the eye.  Well it is not as tough as you might think and you can do it if you use the right techniques on your Maryland cool grass types.

Striping Works Like This: The striping you see in sports venues and on golf courses is merely light reflecting off the blades of grass.  The blades of grass that appear to be dark indicates they are bent over towards you and the stripes that are lighter in appearance are blades of grass bent leaning away from you.  The normal course of mowing your grass back and forth naturally creates this effect.  But, to enhance the striping effect and make it more noticeable you will need to buy a “striping kit” (Lawn & Garden Center or online) or you can also use a roller.

Choose A Pattern: The best way to get started is to sit down and draw out several patterns that you like and fit your lawn and landscape.  Most common designs are: Checkerboard, Back & Forth, Diamonds or you can create your own.

Mowing is Key: You will want to start the process by mowing parallel to a straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk.  You will want to take your time to walk in a straight line by looking out in front of the mower 8’ to 10’ feet if using either a hand mower or lawn tractor.  Try not to look right down at the ground at the front of the mower…this will cause you to waver and not have crisp, clean lines.  At the end of the row stop you blade or lift the mower deck up and turn around and go in the opposite direction.  To create a checker board effect you just mow the yard a second time in the opposite direction.  When complete mow all around the outer perimeter of the yard and you’re done.

Want a Bolder Look? – Professionals use rollers to really create a pronounced look by bending the blades of grass over more.  You can either buy a roller, borrow a roller from your neighbor, or rent one from your rental center.  Just make sure you are rolling in the same direction you mowed and you will have a striped look that will wow the neighbors.

Key Tips: To enhance your pattern look raise the height of your mowing deck to make the grass blades longer which will allow them to bed over more.  Cutting the grass shorter does not allow the grass blades to lay over as much.  Make sure you’re feed your lawn regularly to make your yard thicker and lusher, while giving you a deep green color.  Make sure your mower blades are sharp.  Dull blades will tear the grass, which will not allow the grass to lay over and create the look you’re looking for.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. has provided our Cecil and Harford County clients’ with recommendations on all types of their lawn care and mowing needs over the past 10 years.  In addition to our Lawn and Property Maintenance Services Swan Creek also performs Landscape and Hardscape services that include: Gardens, General Landscaping and Hardscapes that include retaining walls, walkways, driveways, pool decks, patios and outdoor living spaces…both large and small.  Please call us to learn how Swan Creek can change the look of your property with Landscaping Programs that will enhance the appearance of your home along with the value.

Phone – 410.378.8668

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