Water Features can change the look, sounds and value of your property….

Dog PictureFor many people the soft sounds of moving water creates a soothing and relaxing environment that can create a great reading area, thinking pit, and an atmosphere for just relaxing.  There are many ways to incorporate water features into your landscape including:
•      Running Creek Beds with water returns
•      Small Ponds for vegetation or fishes
•      Fountains with cascading or spouting features

Creek Beds running through your yard area with a destination collection area that includes a pumping station for water return back to the start of the creek bed can create an extremely nice water feature.  This type of water feature can require some in-depth excavation work to your property and probably would require a lot of bedding materials including gravel, rocks, and boulders.  As you can tell from the material needs this would be a more expensive type project.

Small, fish, and vegetation ponds can be an affordable addition to your landscape while changing its appearance and beauty.  Most of this type of water feature is somewhat less expensive and requires minimal excavation with the use of a predetermined plastic liner that you placed into a hole location.  You then add rocks, stones, fishes and/or vegetation and in a very short period of time you have a soothing landscape addition.

TOSHIBA - Water Feature 1 (2)Fountain additions can be among the easiest and least expensive water addition you can add to your landscape.  Most fountains are self-contained, self-pumping units that take up less space and can be placed anywhere you like.  Fountains come in several types: spouting and cascading units that can be used in a pond or can be pond-less.
•      Spouting fountains often are placed in ponds and shoot water into the air that falls back into the pond creating splashing sounds.
•      Cascading fountains, usually are self-contained, having a soothing trickling effect that is created by having multiple levels for the water to flow too.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. provides both small and large water features to our Cecil and Harford County clients’.  Our Maintenance Group will create a unique outdoor “water feature” experience that will produce a restful, soothing environment that will change your life style.  In addition, our Service Group performs yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, landscaping, patios, pruning and retaining walls on a contract basis.  It will only take a minute to pick-up the phone and call us to learn how Swan Creek can change the look and sound of your property with water features solutions that will enhance the appearance of your home along with the value.

Phone – 410.378.8668
Website: http://www.SwanCreekLandscaping.com

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