Tips to make Walkways a Key Part of Your Landscape

You may think the walkways and driveways are there to provide an important function by directing the flow of people who visit your home. Well, that’s right, but with a little thought you can add a lot of style, dimension, and beauty to your landscape. So how do you maximize the style of “walkways” around your Maryland home? First, you need to contact the experts at Swan Creek Landscaping who can help you make the right decision with a design to your liking!

Choosing the Right Materials
image_4The choices you make in materials that are pleasing to your eye will influence the overall style/design of your landscape. You will not want to confuse your landscape appearance by placing cobblestone paths into a modern designed yard. If you have settled on a yard theme, choosing the right materials is a little bit easier than starting from scratch. This is where your landscape contractor can be of great help, both with design and materials. Swan Creek Landscaping offers a variety of materials for walkways and drives, including:
• Concrete, Flagstone, Blue-stone
• Brick, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone
• And many others!

Choosing the Best Style for your yard is another ingredient!
Cole patio firepit pavers techoblocJust as important as the materials you like is the style you choose. Swan Creek Landscaping is a Techo-Bloc certified installer, so if you are looking for the utmost quality products with styles to match…you have come to the right place. The style you choose is directly related to the style/design of your landscape and that is  coupled to your yard. From here, you can head in many directions:
• The Rustic Look – If you choose a Rustic style and design for your backyard, Techo-Bloc has many pavers that will work. Two of the most popular are Flagstone and Antika which utilizes an uneven, rough-textured stones with a classic appearance.
• The Modern Look – For those with a modern yard design, you may want to consider using Industria or Exflo Techo-Bloc products. These material will give you a very uniform approach that creates a sleek and contemporary look.  [Note: Techo-Bloc products come in many styles, colors, and textures with a life-time guarantee.]

IMG_2972Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. prides itself on providing unique walkways and driveways for our Cecil and Harford County clients. From design, to construction, until the dark of night turns on the lighting system, we provide uniquely designed outdoor living spaces that we can also maintain year round, including your yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, landscape and patios. Pick up the phone and call us to learn more about how we can change the look of your property by installing unique walkways and driveways.
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Fall Landscaping needs to prepare for winter, and yes spring too!

Dog PictureStanley only has time for a quick drink.  Temperatures have started to tip downwards and the cool air from the Bay will be taking control and lots of work is ahead. While there is still plenty of time before winter hits you need to be preparing your landscape for the winter months. There are several things that need to be done to help ensure the health of your lawn, plants and trees not only for the winter, but for the spring.

Yard Preparation
Lawn Walk Behind Mower1. Mowing: Keep mowing your lawn up to winter gets here and the grass finally stops growing. You do not want your grass to be long going into winter because it might lay-over and possibly cause “grass rot”. Some even mow their grass shorter in the fall and winter months to ensure a healthy lawn and to allow leaves to blow off without much resistance.
2. Trimming: Very important to keep your plants, trees, bushes and hedges trimmed back and free of any dying or decaying branches. Reach in and prune them back to keep them sized and to “air them out”. This will also help in eliminating broken limbs and branches from the snow.
IMG_36643. Cleanup: Take time to rake up the leaves, pick-up the fallen branches, and other debris from your lawn which is key to the health of your lawn. You can use these materials in your organic mulch pile for use on your garden beds in the spring.
4. Feeding: Take time to feed your lawn and plants in the fall of the year. This will have a huge effect on your plants and lawns health in the springtime.
5. Tying: If you have large plants that could be damaged, split or broken by high winds and/or by a heavy snow take time to tie them up a day or so before the storm. Take some string and gently pull the branches up and tie them together…not tight, but snug enough to hold them together and for the string not to slip down the branches. Do not leave the plants tied up all winter, this could also cause damage. Elimination of storm damage will save you a lot of time and money by not having to replace plants every year.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. prides itself in providing fall yard and maintenance cleanups for our Cecil and Harford County clients’. Our Service Group performs yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, landscaping, patios, pruning and gardening on a contract basis. Pick-up the phone and call us to learn more about how we can change the look of your property with “Fall Clean-ups” that will change the appearance of your home and ensure the health of your landscape year round.
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Your beautiful landscape can come alive at night by adding lighting….

Bull Dog PictureStanley says why not have your landscape and outdoor living space come a live at night?  Thus, expanding the usable time you spend enjoying your Maryland summers.  Then consider using landscape lighting features.  But first you need to develop a “lighting plan” prior to buying the fixtures and jumping into the installation process.

Key questions that needs answers include:
• Where do you want your lights
• Do you want them focused on key landscape features
• What type of fixtures do you want
• What type of fixtures do you need
• Do you want up lighting
• Do you want down lighting
• Are you paths properly lit
• What is the extent of you lighting needs
• What type of budget do you have
• Do you want the project completed in stages
• Areas where you can install lighting include:
o Decks, Porches, Play Areas
o Patios, Paths, Pool Decks
o Trees, Buildings, Yards
o Walkways, Driveways, Entrances
o And many more depending on personal needs!

IMG_3595As you might expect each area requires slightly different lights. Porches or deck lights are likely to be tall, sort of like lamp post, in order to give a fuller area of light.  On the other side, lights for paths and driveways will be much shorter and close to the ground.  Lighting for your landscape and trees is another entirely different type of lighting system.

Up-lighting vs. Down-lighting
Up-lighting and Down-lighting are the way to go if you really want your landscaping features to stand out.
• Up-lighting is located on ground facing upward to shine on key               landscape elements
• Down-lighting is usually mounted high up in the trees or on the             sides of buildings that shine down                                                                   When you combine the two, you can turn your yard into the talk of the town.  Not only does this create an attractive landscape, but can change dramatically the security of your home.  Intruders do not focus on homes that are will lit that could contain security cameras.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. can integrate high quality, low-voltage landscape lighting systems smoothly with the rest of your yard’s landscape design, highlighting key elements for our Cecil and Harford County clients’.  From design, thru construction, till the dark of night turns on your lighting system, we provide uniquely designed outdoor lighting.  We can also maintain your entire property year round, including your yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, and landscape.  Pick-up the phone and call us to learn more about how we can unique lighting systems that will add beauty and security to your entire property.

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21 Tips for Using a Weed Trimmer Safely

Bull Dog PictureStanley says Weed Trimmer safety is a serious issue. There are more than 5,000 serious injuries reported each year and tens of thousands of injuries not reported. Cuts and bruises from flying debris accounted for approximately 55% of the injuries, while another 35% were eye injuries. The pure nature of all rotating equipment is that they can cause instant injuries with no warning.

WeedeatingWeed Trimmer Safety Tips
1. Read the operating manual. Seriously, read it!
2. Ensure the equipment is operable. Are the guards in place, is the fuel cap on tight?
3. Wear heavy duty thick boots with an outdoor tread for sure footing.
4. Use safety glasses/goggles and ear protection.
5. Protect your body with tight-fitting long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
6. Wear good leather work gloves to protect your hands.
7. Use the correct fuel mixture (oil & gas) to ensure correct operation of the equipment.
8. Start the engine with one hand holding and the other starting.
9. Inspect the area where you will be cutting for foreign objects – rocks, wood chips, etc.
10. Turn off the engine and disconnect the spark-plug wire when making equipment repairs.
11. Make sure the engine has cooled off when refueling.
12. Do not trim in areas where people are within 25 to 50 feet.
13. Allow the engine to idle down and rest when cutting weeds or brush.
Weedeating Picture 214. Never use the trimmer to cut anything above waist height. Never reach out or up!
15. Be sure your engine speed is proportional to the weeds you are cutting.
16. Do not allow cuttings to wrap around the head or pile up when in use.
17. Let the unit run on idle for a few minutes to cool down before turning off.
18. Hit the “kill switch” and stop the unit before setting the unit down on the ground.
19. Inspect the trimmer for any damage, wear, or maintenance needs after each usage.
20. Do not work on the equipment while it is still running. Shut it down and put it down.
21. Use good judgment and a lot of common sense. Most injuries can be prevented!

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. helps homeowners and businesses in Cecil and Harford Counties with all of their landscaping maintenance needs. From design, to construction, to maintaining your property year round, we will provide you with a landscaping experience that will exceed your expectations. When considering your landscape, hardscape, or lawn maintenance needs, please give us a call for a free consultation so we can turn your visions and our experience into an outdoor living experience you and your family will enjoy and appreciate.

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