21 Tips for Using a Weed Trimmer Safely

Bull Dog PictureStanley says Weed Trimmer safety is a serious issue. There are more than 5,000 serious injuries reported each year and tens of thousands of injuries not reported. Cuts and bruises from flying debris accounted for approximately 55% of the injuries, while another 35% were eye injuries. The pure nature of all rotating equipment is that they can cause instant injuries with no warning.

WeedeatingWeed Trimmer Safety Tips
1. Read the operating manual. Seriously, read it!
2. Ensure the equipment is operable. Are the guards in place, is the fuel cap on tight?
3. Wear heavy duty thick boots with an outdoor tread for sure footing.
4. Use safety glasses/goggles and ear protection.
5. Protect your body with tight-fitting long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
6. Wear good leather work gloves to protect your hands.
7. Use the correct fuel mixture (oil & gas) to ensure correct operation of the equipment.
8. Start the engine with one hand holding and the other starting.
9. Inspect the area where you will be cutting for foreign objects – rocks, wood chips, etc.
10. Turn off the engine and disconnect the spark-plug wire when making equipment repairs.
11. Make sure the engine has cooled off when refueling.
12. Do not trim in areas where people are within 25 to 50 feet.
13. Allow the engine to idle down and rest when cutting weeds or brush.
Weedeating Picture 214. Never use the trimmer to cut anything above waist height. Never reach out or up!
15. Be sure your engine speed is proportional to the weeds you are cutting.
16. Do not allow cuttings to wrap around the head or pile up when in use.
17. Let the unit run on idle for a few minutes to cool down before turning off.
18. Hit the “kill switch” and stop the unit before setting the unit down on the ground.
19. Inspect the trimmer for any damage, wear, or maintenance needs after each usage.
20. Do not work on the equipment while it is still running. Shut it down and put it down.
21. Use good judgment and a lot of common sense. Most injuries can be prevented!

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