Your beautiful landscape can come alive at night by adding lighting….

Bull Dog PictureStanley says why not have your landscape and outdoor living space come a live at night?  Thus, expanding the usable time you spend enjoying your Maryland summers.  Then consider using landscape lighting features.  But first you need to develop a “lighting plan” prior to buying the fixtures and jumping into the installation process.

Key questions that needs answers include:
• Where do you want your lights
• Do you want them focused on key landscape features
• What type of fixtures do you want
• What type of fixtures do you need
• Do you want up lighting
• Do you want down lighting
• Are you paths properly lit
• What is the extent of you lighting needs
• What type of budget do you have
• Do you want the project completed in stages
• Areas where you can install lighting include:
o Decks, Porches, Play Areas
o Patios, Paths, Pool Decks
o Trees, Buildings, Yards
o Walkways, Driveways, Entrances
o And many more depending on personal needs!

IMG_3595As you might expect each area requires slightly different lights. Porches or deck lights are likely to be tall, sort of like lamp post, in order to give a fuller area of light.  On the other side, lights for paths and driveways will be much shorter and close to the ground.  Lighting for your landscape and trees is another entirely different type of lighting system.

Up-lighting vs. Down-lighting
Up-lighting and Down-lighting are the way to go if you really want your landscaping features to stand out.
• Up-lighting is located on ground facing upward to shine on key               landscape elements
• Down-lighting is usually mounted high up in the trees or on the             sides of buildings that shine down                                                                   When you combine the two, you can turn your yard into the talk of the town.  Not only does this create an attractive landscape, but can change dramatically the security of your home.  Intruders do not focus on homes that are will lit that could contain security cameras.

Swan Creek Landscaping, Inc. can integrate high quality, low-voltage landscape lighting systems smoothly with the rest of your yard’s landscape design, highlighting key elements for our Cecil and Harford County clients’.  From design, thru construction, till the dark of night turns on your lighting system, we provide uniquely designed outdoor lighting.  We can also maintain your entire property year round, including your yard maintenance, mowing, plantings, and landscape.  Pick-up the phone and call us to learn more about how we can unique lighting systems that will add beauty and security to your entire property.

Phone – 410.378.8668 ~ ~ Website:

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