One of our larger projects completed in the summer of 2013
Warwick, Maryland.

Swan Creek Landscaping provides a variety of services to meet the specific needs of each project. Since each project is approached separately, we have listed several of our more popular services, but please feel free to contact us if you have a special request.


Because Swan Creek Landscaping focuses on each job individually, our business is ideally suited to provide you the best possible solution. Our designers and technical team can transform a generic suburban house into a home that makes a statement about who you are; or we can design your existing rural property into a landscape that marries the elegance of nature’s beauty with the precision of well placed masonry.


Many people take these structures for granted, being nothing more than a conveyance from point A to point B made from poured concrete, asphalt, or stone that does match your home’s design or the broader appearance of your yard; like fences, walls, patios, and vegetation. Hardscaping is a process which allows us to design features to match the external look of your home or interior spaces, like an entrance way, resulting in a creative expression that can truly enhance the beauty of your home.

Swan Creek Landscaping will provide your home with a unity of design that allows for seamless transitions from driveway to walkway to steps or other areas, or provide each area with a specific look to highlight the best aspects of your home and property.


Patios and pools are spaces designed to provide maximum enjoyment of the outdoors, whether by facing a panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay, segmenting your backyard from the busy streets of Baltimore, or turning your swimming pool into a tropical paradise. Swan Creek Landscaping will provide the experience, materials, and fresh perspective necessary to achieve any goal.

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